9 Reasons to Use a Property Management Company

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It can be difficult and time consuming to find a tenant for your rental property. Whether you have a short term vacation rental or a long term rental, having some help with the rental process can ease the stress that goes along with owning rental properties. Managing property is a full-time job. And that’s exactly why Rental Partners exists! See these 9 reasons on why you should be using a property management company.

1. Better Tenants

A property management company is experienced in the screening process which allows them to find tenants that will pay rent as promised and take good care of your property. The rental company can also recognize the types of scam applicants that plague property owners.

2. Fewer Legal Issues

Working with experts in property management means that you have access to those with knowledge of all the landlord/tenant laws. This will reduce your chance of finding yourself being sued by a tenant.

3. Less Vacancy in Your Rental

The property management company can prepare ahead of time to find a new tenant so the vacancy time is minimized. They can make the property look better in ads and showings to make it more appealing to potential tenants. They also know the best rental rates to get you the most out of your investment without turning away renters.

4. Keep Your Good Tenants

A good tenant is hard to come by and may be hard to keep. The management company can help you do what is needed to keep those desirable tenants in your property.

5. Help with Rent Collection

The property management company acts as the middle man to collect rent on time every time. This ensures that tenants know they must follow the lease terms to the letter, preventing future issues.

6. Tax Help

Taxes can be complicated when dealing with rental property income. Experts in property management can help you claim any deductions that may apply to ensure there is no tax over payment.

7. Lower Costs

The property management company can use their own contractors and maintenance people for repairs on your property, reducing the time and money you spend on finding them yourself.

8. Increase Equity

A management company can help you maintain and upgrade the property as needed so as to increase the value of your investment.

9. Easier Process

Having someone else deal with day to day problems helps reduce stress and makes the process easier. It also allows for more time to be spend on enjoyable activities.

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