I Saw Some Things That Needed To Be Done To The Home I Want To Rent. Will You Do It?


We strive to provide properties that are clean and ready-to-rent. When you view one of our properties, and have questions on it’s condition or cleanliness, please ask your agent directly so he/she can find the answer for you. It may be that scheduled work has not yet been completed. Also, please keep in mind that we manage properties ranging from brand new construction to homes over 75 years old. Brand new homes sometimes have “punch list items” which need attention. Older homes can often have their own issues, some of which just go with older homes and cannot be reasonably cured. (Some of these issues give older homes their character!) We cannot guarantee that every item you request will be replaced or repaired. When viewing the property, feel free to get answers to these questions from your rental agent before deciding to rent. If you find anything that is in need of repair after you move in, please bring any items of concern to the property managers attention by placing it on your “Move In Condition” Form that will be supplied to you at move in by your leasing agent. It is mandatory that this form is returned within 7 days of move in. After that date, we cannot accept any move in forms and the any issues found at move out will be charged towards the renter’s deposit. So you can see how important it is to turn in this form. We suggest you keep a copy for yourself as well.

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