Will I Receive My Security Deposit Back After Move Out?


Security deposits are required and held until after move out and a thorough walk through by management staff. They are to cover the landlord for any damage that might happen to his/her property during a tenant’s stay. That being said, the management will compare your move in condition form with the photos and move out condition when they walk through the property once keys have been returned. Any items agreed upon to be taken out of your deposit at lease signing (i.e.: a cleaning fee) will be deducted from your original deposit along with the cost of materials and labor to fix any damages to return the home back to its original condition (i.e: paint, carpet cleaning, drywall repair, stove pans, light bulbs, etc…). If all is good, then you could expect a security deposit return (within 30 days of move out) minus any originally agreed upon deductions at lease signing. If repairs are needed, then once the work has been completed and invoices have been received (within the 30 days), then the amount owed back to you will be sent along with a statement of charges. If you contest any charges, then management will request a written dispute asap.

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