3 Reasons Why Military Owners Need a Good Jacksonville Property Management Company

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If you live in the Jacksonville area, chances are you serve in the Navy or have friends and family members who do. If you are in the military, thank you for your service to protecting our freedoms. Being in the military makes you a likely candidate to be a military landlord at some point in your career. Maybe you purchased a home and received transfer orders. Perhaps you plan to come back to Jacksonville at some point, and you want to return to the same house. Or perhaps you just want to keep your house as an investment and a source of positive cash flow. Whatever your reason, as a military owner, hiring a property manager is a wise decision. Today, we’re sharing three reasons why you want a professional on your side.

Property Management Jacksonville: Finding and Screening Tenants

Finding a tenant is easy, but finding a good tenant quickly is difficult. This is where we excel as one of the best property management companies in Jacksonville, FL. A good property management company will market your property locally and nationally, and conduct a thorough background check, including a credit check and rental history verification. We will use a lawyer-created lease to protect you and your interests. A good property manager will also price your property correctly, ensuring it rents quickly and delivers a high return on your investment. We can provide you with a free market analysis.

Property Management Jacksonville: Maintenance Issues

When you’re stationed far away or deployed overseas, you won’t be able to handle maintenance issues on your own. You won’t even be able to take a call from your tenant. Good property management companies in Jacksonville, FL, like ours, have a dedicated maintenance staff and 24-hour maintenance service. This is important because leaks don’t only happen during the day. Our attention to maintenance will minimize the potential for problems and expenses.

Property Management Jacksonville: Good Financial Accounting

Good financial accounting and reporting is another benefit. When your tenant pays, you want to know you’re receiving the payment quickly, with an accurate account summary. We offer ACH deposits so you don’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. You’ll receive tax forms and information at the end of the year. This will help with your income and expense reporting, making it easy and painless. Let’s face it – who understands the tax code? We make it easier.

It’s important for any landlord to work with a Jacksonville property management company, but it’s even more important for military owners who are deployed or not local. We are the best for the job, so please contact us at Rental Partners.

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