All About Rental Partners: Meet the Owners

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This month, Rental Partners wants to give you a look inside our company; meeting the owners, how we formed, where we’re headed, and how we love to make our clients happy!

How did we (the owners) get our start?

We (Robert and Christina) had been managing the rental properties that we owned for some time before. Being hands-on gave us a thorough understanding of everything that goes into managing a rental property. We realized that everyone just wants to be happy.

What is it that makes a landlord happy?

Landlords want tenants who are trustworthy, pay their rent on time, and who will take care of their properties.

What makes tenants happy?

Tenants want a landlord who will listen when there is a problem, take care of problems quickly, efficiently and to the best of their ability.

What makes investors happy?

Investors want a property management company that understands their particular concerns.

Why did we form Rental Partners?

In 2010 we started Rental Partners after we discovered that everyone wants to be in a partnership where they can count on being treated with honesty, respect, and consideration and we were very good at that. It’s not rocket-science. It’s simply the golden rule at work. 

As we helped friends and acquaintances with the management of their rental properties, word spread. We quickly grew in size, reputation and capabilities. Today we offer several services to make things easy for investors, landlords, and tenants.

Why do we continue to grow?

We attribute our success to staying true to our original principles: efficiency, honesty, good communication and consideration.

We foster a small company culture because we never want to lose sight of the fact that behind every encounter is a real person who is working hard to lead a good and happy life. Security, whether that’s in the form of income or a place to call home, is closely tied to well-being. We understand that and honor that. Every call or email from a landlord or a tenant or an investor is important and how we do our work can influence the well-being of people, so we do it to the best of our abilities.

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