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Sometimes, you just want to manage your rental property on your own.

We get it. If you have the time to manage, great.

Finding a tenant is often the hardest and most crucial part of being a landlord. Placing a bad tenant can cost you thousands of dollars in fees, time, and maintenance. That’s why we offer our tenant placement services for landlords in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. Even if you’re planning to manage the property on your own.

So, what is our tenant placement service, and what do you get?

Expert Rental Pricing and Preparation

Once you sign up and give us permission to rent your property, one of our licensed sales associates will contact you. That assigned rental agent will visit your property and offer advice on how to get the most rental income. We might also suggest a few things to get your property rent-ready.

Here’s the best part – you’ll get a free rental analysis, and your agent’s expert opinion about what you should expect for a final rental rate. Remember – this is always based on location, property condition, and the season. But, you know you’re in expert hands.

Rental Property Marketing and Listing

Your agent will take photos of your property, and maybe do a walk through video. This will be uploaded with a thorough description to our website and a dozen other sites within 24 hours.

This is where the fun begins.

The calls, emails, and texts start coming in right after that. We will more than likely have your place rented within 7 – 21 days.

Only 7 – 21 days!

Reliable Tenant Screening

Once we show the property and prospective tenants decide they want to rent it, we collect a deposit. That deposit takes the property off the market for about two days so we can do a thorough background and credit check. We’ll also check their rental history and employment verification.

If everything looks good, you have a tenant. If not, and our background check reveals something questionable, then the agent will get you involved in the approval process. It’s your property, after all.

Creating a Legal Lease Agreement

Once a tenant is approved, we move onto lease creation. With our placement services, our agents administer a thorough, lawyer-approved lease. We don’t want you using an Office Depot lease or something that you’ve cut and pasted together. We have you covered.

But, we’re not finished yet!

On the day before your tenant moves in, our agent makes sure the utilities have been turned on in the new tenant’s name by the lease start date. There’s no need for you to worry about that, either. We also collect a security deposit in guaranteed funds. You will receive that deposit, any prorated rent, any pet fees, and pertinent tenant information for your files right after the tenant moves into your property.

Stress-Free Tenant Placement Services

With our tenant placement services, you don’t have to take photos, post ads, or manage phone calls. You don’t have to show the property or answer any of the questions that tenants always have. You don’t have to worry about document collection, background checks, or lease signing.

This is a deal.

Our decade of experience dealing with thousands of homeowners has taught us one thing: getting the right tenant in your property the first time is the most important thing you can do. That’s why we’re here to help. It’s one of the things we do best.

Get started right now. Contact us at CenterBeam Real Estate. And, if you call today, we’ll set you up on the MLS for free!

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