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Why Historic Homes
Each older home tells a unique story about it’s past. These stories can be found in archive, written or photo forms or simply by looking at the baseboards, trim work, window sashes, floor boards, nail patterns, types of wood and what’s going on behind the walls. We find layers upon layers of antique wallpaper as well as creative forms of insulation during our renovation projects. You’d be amazed. And for those who find these stories unique, an older house would make a perfect home!

According to the Us Census Bureau, just 8.3 percent of all American housing was built before 1920, according to 2001 statistics. This uniqueness of these older homes makes them more desirable. Not many new builders are building concept houses with covered spacious sitting porches, homes on pillars (rather than flat on slabs), detached garages, and minor tweaks in design and surface textures that make each home unique. One of the main attractions are all of the architectural differences within the historical communities. Never are two alike as you drive down the tree lines streets which keeps our eyes interested and our happy quotient heightened.

Each historic home is unique and appeals to a very specialized buyer. But along with that, comes specialty renovation rules in some areas as well. The right agent at the right firm specializing in historic homes can help a buyer or seller sift through this information. Detailed appealing features that are original to the home (example: push button switches or original hard wood flooring) can be a huge selling advantage when used properly within advertising or description pages.

Historic Homes are not all the same. Actually, each one is very unique and always has a story to tell. Unlike cookie-cutter houses in regular community developments, historic properties can be a challenge to value. Since each property is so unique, it’s often difficult to find comparable sales that match up to the exact offerings. (Example: Some have been completed renovated while others were renovated in the 80’s or are lacking a few features like original windows or interior doors). In addition, historic homes often have an inherent value to their buyers that isn’t reflected in comps.

Historic homes are, by definition, very old. Many are older than 95 years old and as a result, have issues that typical real estate professionals are not faced with when helping to sell or purchase new homes. The agent of an older homes must deal with Federal laws in regards to lead paint and asbestos, termite issues, knob and tube electrical issues as well as foundation and plumbing challenges. That’s why many sellers of historic properties prefer that their homes be marketed to those familiar with older homes. That way, they can avoid the micro-challenges and the nit-picking during the inspection process because the buyers know what to expect. Historic properties are filled with surprises.

Historic Specialists:
As mentioned earlier, each one is unique. Hiring the right agent to assist you with the sell or purchase of an older home is critical to the end result and overall experience. With CenterBeam Real Estate, each one of our real estate customers is equipped with the knowledge of our 12+ years of being Historic Home Renovation Specialists.

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