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The We Care Pledge

We care about everyone. So much, that helping a person find a rental home just comes second nature. We know how stressful moving can be. So, everyone at CenterBeam Real Estate strives to make the rental process a pleasurable one for all people involved. And that comes pretty easy for us.


What’s our secret?


We hire the heart and train the rest.

We will find you the BEST Tenant,

Here’s How; Explained

Our tenants and homeowners are all from diverse backgrounds. Some owner’s want to self manage while others want a hybrid of sorts. And some tenants do not know anything about the city or where they should live. This is where our agents step in. They know Jacksonville. And once they get to know the homeowner and the tenant, they know exactly which property would be a perfect match. Watch the video for a step by step process.

Your Very Own Leasing Agent
A professional Agent Assigned To Your Property right after you sign with us, one of our Licensed Leasing agents will call you within 24 hours to say hello, introduce themselves, answer a few questions and set an appointment. They will also help gain the exact rental rate needed by providing you with a free rental analysis. After they meet you at the home, take the needed photos, add signage, install a lockbox and get right on the marketing side. But it does not stop there. Once your ads are turned on, they will facilitate all showings, answer any questions and update you, the homeowner, as to how it’s going. We want you to be

Fast Tenant Finder Service
Our leasing agents only rent. And they are fast! They are not in our separate sales division. The reason is simple…Focus. Each one of our agents are licensed and only get paid when they place a qualified tenant. They are keenly aware of the market and their average turn around time to find a tenant for a rent-ready property is only 7 to 21 days. Yes, you heard that right! We even stand behind this by offering our homeowners a free month of management fees if our agents have not received a binder within 21 days (now remember, that is after it is “rent-ready” and the price is set to what the market will bear)

Smart and Aggressive Marketing
This is where we excel. Once we have visited the property, have taken photos, and created a detailed description of the property, an ad will be posted to our site. At the same time, it will go out to all of the industry leading rental sites (about 12 of them…including the MLS) and the calls will start rolling in. We even send out emails to the relocation departments that we work with locally so their staff is aware of the upcoming rental.

Pay For Performance Only
We would we ask anyone to pay for services not rendered? That’s crazy. You will only owe us a tenant placement fee (75% of first month’s rent if you are signed up for our Property Management Services and 100% of first month’s rent if you self manage and only need the Tenant Placement service)

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