New Name, Same Folks, Expanded Services

We are excited to announce several changes to our company offerings as we start the new year. As many of you are aware, Rental Partners operates closely with CenterBeam Construction Co. and both companies create an important synergy that benefits the quality and scope of work we are able to [...]

3 Reasons Why Military Owners Need a Good Jacksonville Property Management Company

  If you live in the Jacksonville area, chances are you serve in the Navy or have friends and family members who do. If you are in the military, thank you for your service to protecting our freedoms. Being in the military makes you a likely candidate to be a military landlord at some point [...]

Top 10 Tax Deductions for Landlords!

Everyone knows that paying taxes is a part of life and many people want to learn how to reduce the amount of taxes they have to pay each year. The U.S tax code has rules that allow rental property owners to save money and reduce their yearly taxes. In this article, the best federal tax […]

Quirky Rental Knowledge!

Did you know that when you rent an apartment in many parts of Europe, the kitchen usually comes non-equipped? Yup, that’s right. You, the tenant, are responsible for purchasing and installing the entire kitchen. From cabinets to sinks to dishwashers and more; even hiring the plumber. Did you [...]

Homeowners: What’s NOT In Your Lease May Be More Important Than What Is!

Leases, and what’s contained within them, can make or break the success of your rental property. With all of the nuisances, clauses, and other particulars, be sure you’re covering all of your bases and protecting yourself financially, mentally, and practically. Here are a few of [...]

Are You Considering Self-Managing Your Property? Read This First

“A man who is his own property manager has a fool for his client.” These words might sound harsh, but they’re worth mulling over as it can save you a lot of pain and aggravation in the long run, when considering self-managing your property. Any homeowner or investor, without a [...]

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Property Manager

The first question our acquisition agents ask when a homeowner calls to inquire about our services is “Why are you unhappy with your current property manager?” This question alone has become invaluable in creating a professional client centric property management organization like Rental [...]

Is It Time To Hire A Property Manager (Infographic)

Are you familiar with landlord/tenant laws? Does your property and tenants have the proper insurance? Do you cringe every time you get a call from your tenant? Now might be the time to give Rental Partners a try. Zero upfront costs, transparent fees and policies, open communication – [...]

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