Maintenance Made Easy With CenterBeam Home Services

A convenient way to handle maintenance. Created by Owners & Property Managers for other Owners and Property Managers.

CenterBeam’s Home Service Division gives you the best maintenance support possible. From preventive maintenance, to emergency repairs, to everyday maintenance requests, we are here for you.

We have an in-house maintenance company working Just for you!

Stress-Free Maintenance
CenterBeam Maintenance is officially called CenterBeam Home Services. Why? Because we take care of homes everyday. What we do is provide all of our owners with stress-free maintenance of their rental properties. Rather than trying to find a third-party vendor, you can rest assured that our maintenance technicians are taking care of any problems in a timely manner.

In-House Staff
An important advantage of having an in-house maintenance company is end product control. We know who we are sending to the house, when they will be there, how professional they will be dressed and how they will communicate with the tenant. This comes from proper training and good processes.

(Please add another sentence to the above description as follows: If our in house technician can handle the repair needed within normal working hours, then the repair will be billed out at our standard rate of $59 per hour. Should an true emergency repair be needed after hours or on the weekend, that our in house technician can handle, then the repair will be billed out at time and half.

If you have any questions about repairs to rental property, please contact us at CenterBeam Real Estate (904-701-3276)

Pre-Managed Rent Ready
Play close attention to this one. As it is a favorite among our homeowners. Many times, we find that people are ready to rent their homes but their homes are simply not “rent ready”.

A majority of the time, it just needs blinds, some painting on the walls, a few new door knobs, screen repair, switch out of an electrical fixture and maybe even carpet cleaning and a full whole house clean. We can help! Our management service does not technically start until a new tenant moves in, so this is why we refer to this as a “Pre-Management Rent Ready” turn. We’ve been doing this for a while so we will be certain to highlight the main things that you would be concerned with. And the beauty is that our homeowners get this at our reduced rate that we offer to all of our clients. Here are the steps:

1. E-sign your new property management agreement
2. One of our property managers will call you if you tell us that you need help getting your home ready to rent
3. They will do a walk through with you and provide you with an estimate of time and materials to get the job done.
4. You can then log in to your portal, fund your account, and we can get started sending our technicians to your house.

What better way is there? We do all the work and you get to sit back and relax…and quicker than anything, your new tenant will be moving in!

After Hours Emergency Maintenance
We also have a company that is available 24/7 to answer maintenance calls after hours. If there is an emergency in the middle of the night on a weekend, it will be handled immediately. If it is something that can wait for the next business day, our in-house maintenance staff will take care of it.

Troubleshooting a Problem
Sometimes tenants call in with simple issues that can be resolved over the phone. The maintenance manager or property manager will troubleshoot the problem before dispatching someone out to the house. For example, a tenant might have an outlet that doesn’t work, and a simple resetting of a GFCI outlet fixes the problem. We also provide each tenant with tips and solutions for everyday issues.

Preventative Maintenance Program
This preventative maintenance program has been designed to assist with the standard maintenance requirements for single family homes. If desired, our homeowners can elect to get an exterior audit done on the property once or twice a year for a nominal charge. We will then send a report inclusive of photos, estimated cost of repair and suggestions. It is up to the homeowner to decide to proceed with any work needed.

” The wise young man or wage earner of today invest his money in real estate.”
– Andrew Carnegie

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