Improve Your Bottom Line
Acquire Smart. Choose Wisely
Let Us Help You Manage Your Investment And Increase your NOI

Improve Your Bottom Line
Acquire Smart. Choose Wisely
Let Us Help You Manage Your Investment And Increase your NOI

Everything you need under one roof

CenterBeam’s Management Team is able to provide clients with a unique combination of dedicated local market expertise, asset management, professional maintenance, Tenant Leasing and reporting capabilities. The CenterBeam property management division offers owners the full range of property management and all related services under one roof. We’ve for you covered.

In addition, we provide additional services to interested customers, including due diligence, buying, partnering, repositioning & selling.


(Buy Side)


Rehab and


Leasing and






(Sell Side)

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

We Know That The Success of Your Real Estate Investment Depends On Having The Right Experts At Your Side

Since 2010, Our goal has been simple, yet powerful. To provide investors with greater returns in an extremely focused customer service environment.


CenterBeam Real Estate does this by focusing our efforts on providing:


  • market expertise
  • operational efficiencies
  • proper financial reporting
  • controlled expenses
  • value add planning
  • aggressive marketing
  • long term strategies


But it does not stop just there, as everyone is involved. That is the key to our success! When you do business with CenterBeam Real Estate, whether you’re a tenant, investor, employee or contractor, you become a partner with an organization of people connected by a common vision of excellence.





“The CenterBeam Real Estate (property management division) currently manages an apartment complex in Jacksonville, FL for our team. They are an outstanding group to work with and promote high levels of integrity and trust. Having worked with the Ritz Carlton, customer service is a critical component in picking the best management company.  Rental Partners is a company that offers first-class service to their owners, vendors and residents. The entire team has a vast amount of experience in the industry and they understand how to re-position and/or operate properties with the focus on increasing value and NOI.”

– Multi Family Asset Manager, 52 Units, Southside Submarket

So, Why CenterBeam Real Estate for Multi Family Property Management?

We thought we’d just outline a few cases below.

Hyde Park Off Mid Size Apt Community – C Class (previously managed)

CB Property Management took over the management of this property in severe distress. The owner was extremely discouraged and embroiled in pending lawsuits with prior management. The CB Property Management team focused on enforcing lease policy, establishing tenant relations, coordinating unit renovations and applying disciplined tenant-qualification process. The result was extraordinary success in a challenging submarket leading to owner disposing of the asset maximizing the valuation.

Building Count: 3
Unit count: 32 Units
Sub-market: West-side
Asset Class: C

At time of take over:
Occupancy 40%
Delinquency: 50%

At time of sale:
Occupancy 100%
Delinquency: 1%


Vernon Terrace Apartments Mid Size Apt Community – B Class

CB Property Management worked with the investor supporting the acquisition with due diligence services. As a part of due diligence, the CenterBeam Property Management and Construction Company provided estimates of work required to maximize rents and lease up. A plan was developed to rehab units over time as they came available. The CB Property Management team focused on enforcing lease policy, overseeing rehabs, leasing up with an eye to maximizing rents and disciplined property management. As a result of these focused efforts over a five-year period, Average rents increased 36%, Operating expenses were maintained to a +8% increase leading to sold growth of stabilized NOI of 82%.

Building Count: 3
Unit count: 27 Units
Sub-market: Riverside
Asset Class: B

Ongoing Management Focus:

  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisition Support
  • Unit Renovations
  • NOI Improvement

Villa Pines At Baymeadows Mid Size Apt Community – C Class

Building Count: 7
Unit count: 52 Units
Sub-market: San Jose
Asset Class: C

Ongoing Management Focus:

  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisitions Support
  • Unit Renovations
  • Lease Policy Enforcement
  • Rent Rate Improvement
  • NOI Improvement

River City Place Large Apt Community – B Class (previously managed)

CenterBeam work this property with full onsite management and maintenance staff.


Tenant Placement

Want to Manage Your Own Property, but need Help Finding a Tenant?

Are you An Out Of State Or Foreign Investor?

Jacksonville, Florida is popular among international buyers due to its wonderful location, rental rates, current real estate prices and capital appreciation potential. And we have helped and advised many international real estate investors on their acquisition of real estate in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We understand that a major component of successful real estate investing is finding the right management team for your investment, including large multi-unit complexes and smaller off-site units with 8-80 doors. Our knowledge of market trends, cap rates, property values and our extensive networking skills benefits each investor.

But, there are a few things to be aware of before purchasing a property. Due to very specific tax ramifications, we suggest that all Foreign Investors contact a real estate attorney and read more about IRS requirements.


For instance, W-8ECI Form: This is for non resident aliens and other foreign investors. Both must complete this form which certifies a foreign person’s income is connected with the conduct of a trade to business in the U.S. Below you will find the form and instructions.


Also, a foreign investor MAY need an individual Tax Payer Identification Number or ITIN W-7 Form.


All of these questions and concerns need to be addressed through a real estate attorney or a private accountant. We have included some of the links for your review on.

Ready to start with CenterBeam Real Estate? We can help!