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Property Management Should be Easy to Understand
So Here’s Our Fees Broken Down

Monthly Management Fee (10%)

Our monthly management fee is only 10% for all single-family homes, condos and townhomes.

Tenant Placement with Management Fee (80%)

Without Management (100%)

This is how much it costs for CBRE to find a tenant, handle all of the showings, run a background check, run a credit check, do a rental verification and qualify the new tenant. Our tenant placement with management fee is 80% of the first month’s rent (or $800, whichever is greater). The average time to find a tenant is around 7 to 21 days.

Lease Renewal Fee ($275)

We want your tenant to stay. We remind them 60 days out as well as 30 days prior to their lease renewal. If they want to stay, we provide a full home inspection. And we will also provide a new rental analysis so the homeowner can make an educated decision in regards assessing the rental rate. Our lease renewal fee is $275

Now For The Good Part

Your Very Own Leasing Agent

A professional Agent Assigned To Your Property right after you sign with us, one of our Licensed Leasing agents will call you within 24 hours to say hello, introduce themselves, answer a few questions and set an appointment. They will also help gain the exact rental rate needed by providing you with a free rental analysis. After they meet you at the home, take the needed photos, add signage, install a lockbox and get right on the marketing side. But it does not stop there. Once your ads are turned on, they will facilitate all showings, answer any questions and update you, the homeowner, as to how it’s going. We want you to be in-the- know.

Smart and Aggressive Marketing

This is where we excel.  Once we have visited the property, have taken photos, and created a detailed description of the property, an ad will be posted to our site. At the same time, it will go out to all of the industry leading rental sites (about 12 of them…including the MLS) and the calls will start rolling in. We even send out emails to the relocation departments that we work with locally so their staff is aware of the upcoming rental.

Lawyer Approved Leases

We take this seriously. We have been in the property management business for almost a decade now and our lease has gone through many revisions. The reason for this is to provide a tool that is unbiased and conforms to all of the legalities that fall under the responsibilities of landlords and tenants. We use a lawyer to approve our lease and seek legal council every time a revision is made.  It is a simple lease that spells out all of the responsibilities of  each party involved and is detailed in regards to monies owed, dates, fees and deposits. More like a partnership agreement. (ie…I will give you x, and you will supply y)

Property Condition Reports

Before your tenant moves in, we take interior photos during our initial thorough walk through so that we have record of the home’s condition. And each and every turn over time, we do the same thing during our walk through property inspection. Those photos and condition reports are saved in the properties file which helps us with proof during the tenant deposit disbursement and maintenance coordination period.

Legal Compliance

Some of the best minds in real estate are found in our organization. Together, we will make sure that all leases, deposits, maintenance escrow accounts and tenant communications are in compliance with state and federal laws. We will also alert our homeowners when their property insurance is expiring and we make sure that all parties that enter your property are up to date on their workman’s comp insurance.

Tenant Inquiries

We take the major stress off of you by becoming your official property manager. What do we mean by that? You will not have to worry about the calls in regards to a drippy faucet, clogged toilet, squirrel in the attic, tripped breaker or busted door lock. You will not even have to listen about their personal issues concerning a career change, late rent, their new gluten diet or thoughts on politics. We are happy to do that for you. And believe us, this is a valuable part of of what you get.

Legal Service Notification

Often times we are on property to post notices. Such as legal 7 day notice to correct notices, 3 day notices of pending eviction for late rent after the 5th of the month, compliance letters and more. We take the burden of this off of you and make sure that we are using the proper documentation that would hold up in a court of law.

Eviction Coordination

In the unlikely event that an eviction is needed on your property, we will handle all paperwork that the lawyer request, all legal notices postings of the property.

Fast Tenant Finder Service

Our leasing agents only rent. And they are fast! They are not in our separate sales division. The reason is simple…Focus. Each one of our agents are licensed and only get paid when they place a qualified tenant. They are keenly aware of the market and their average turn around time to find a tenant for a rent-ready property is only 7 to 21 days. Yes, you heard that right! We even stand behind this by offering our homeowners a free month of management fees if our agents have not received a binder within 21 days (now remember, that is after it is “rent-ready” and the price is set to what the market will bear)

Thorough Tenant Screening

CenterBeam Real Estate believes that placing the right tenant the first time is uf the upmost importance. Once a tenant is interested in a property, we have them fill out our line detailed application. A third-party reporting agency then sends a very through report to us inclusive of a national predator and background check. We rate them according to their credit score, we check their background for any potential red flags, we collect pay stubs, employment letters and verify current employment as well as send out rental verification forms to their previous landlord. All of this together usually produces a good tenant. But we never claim to have a cruel ball and unfortunately, we can’t screen crazy. We just have to rely on the information supplied to us legally and make the best decisions from that. Occasionally, we met consult with the homeowner. If anything comes back as a low score or suspicious, we will be sure to talk with you beforehand to see if you would like to proceed with this prospect or move on to the next. (i.e.: you may want to keep the prospect but add an additional amount to the deposit or collect 1st and last up front). Regardless, it’s your home and the decision will be your call.

Your Very Own Property Manager Assigned To You

You’ll love this one. We have received numerous complaints from homeowners that switch to our services because of one main reason…they can never get in touch with their property manager and/or they don’t know who their property manager is. With us, on the day that the tenant moves in, you will be assigned your very own property manager that will email you a welcome letter as soon as the tenant is on-boarded. From that day forward you will know who to contact if you have any questions in regards to the tenant, your home, payments, statements, maintenance and so on. They are dedicated to helping you, your new tenant and your home.

Fast and Precise Accounting of Funds

Each our landlords love the fact that, when a tenant pays his/her rent in a timely manner, that they will get paid on the 11th of every month. That means, that a monthly financial statement will be emailed and funds will be directly deposited into our homeowner’s account on, or before, the 11th of every month (not including banking holidays or weekends). We have online portals for our tenants so that they can set auto deductions to pay rent and we have owner portals so that you can view your income and expense statement at any time. And at the end of year, each homeowner also receives the required 1099 form for taxes.

24/7 Knowledgeable Maintenance

This includes typical maintenance coordination as well as emergency maintenance.  We have a full time maintenance dept. that coordinates every work order and watches over every invoice that comes in. Paying specific attention to what caused the maintenance its due to begin with so the proper party is billed. (example: clogged sing from tenant’s long hair=billable to tenant, plumbing leak from behind the wall, billable to homeowner) We only hire knowledgeable maintenance staff.

Pet Screening

Pets are family too. We get it. But each one must be vetted as well and we make each client provide, proof of medical vaccination, proper photos of the pet for identification and we even ask their previous landlord for a pet reference before moving forward with the application.

Turn Management

Professional and quick turn around of vacancies to get back to rent ready condition. Including a thorough vacancy inspection report and the supervision of the turn maintenance personnel.

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Want to Manage Your Own Property, but need Help Finding a Tenant?

Here Are Some Additional Services that we offer

(They are all A-La-Carte Fee-Based Services not in the typical scope of management)

Preventative Maintenance Solutions

This is good for any homeowner truly wanting to keep their home/investment to it’s highest working condition. Our exterior audit is similar to an official home inspection as it checks for leaf filled gutters, soft and rotten exterior boards, porch railing deterioration, peeling paint, overgrown shrubbery, cracked walkways, etc. But don’t worry, twice a year, we will offer this service to you and you can make that decision. If so, you will receive the report, lots of pictures and suggestions of what needs to be repaired.

Real Estate Selling Services

Our selling agents are rock stars. They all have lots of previous experience selling in the Jacksonville Market and will privately consult with you in your home or investment property about what they can offer you and answer any questions that you might have.

Collection Services

Occasionally a tenant will leave a balance due to the homeowner on the books. Instead of sending it to an outside collection agency, we brought this service inside. We already have collection reports, the personal tenant information, etc. and our managers are good at collection as many already have a relationship with the tenant who left a balance. The fee is only 30% for the first 90 days of collection efforts.

Rent Ready Services

This is for two different types of scenarios. If you are a homeowner wanting to rent your home, but you still need to get it rent ready, then we can help you. Our services include everything from paint, carpet, drywall repair, blinds, ETC.. The other scenario is hiring us to coordinate the management of any on premise full remodel of apartments. Often times, our Home Service Department can handle everything from gut to install to final finishes).

Additional Property Inspections

We know that some of our landlords are more interested in how the current tenant is taking care of the interior of the home. For those people, we can easily set up a few more additional inspections which will include a brief report and photos sent directly to you. We will coordinate the legal postings needed and your property manager will talk to you about what your main concerns are before he/she arrives.

Real Estate Purchasing Services

The agents in our sales department will help you with your purchasing needs. Wether you are a tenant looking to buy or an investor looking for additional stock for his/her portfolio, we’ve got you covered. And having the management arm is a big deal too! With that, we are able to help each our clients get to the right number needed for their Cap rate or NOI. We even know which of our other homeowners are ready to sell which might be a buying opportunity for you.

Due Diligence Services

Any investor looking to purchase an investment property needs this service. Once hired, our team will do a financial property on the building in question including, rents, maintenance, payables and more. Call today to receive more details on this service. (904) 701-3276

Tax Services

Should the need arise where you need to fight the proposed property taxes of a property that we are currently managing for you, we might can facilitate some help in this area. Call today for more information 904-701-3276

SO…Why CenterBeam Property Management?

Simply Speaking, We build this company with YOU in mind


That is right, you heard it here first. We would not dream of charging you any start up fees of any kind. You will also not be charged for tenant credit checks, photo copies or cancellation fees. We won’t even charge you for paperclips. No nickel and dining, we promise. And you don’t pay any fees until we find you a tenant. AND, we will even take care of the whole transfer process of moving over from your old property manager to us. How does that sound?



How could we hope to attract quality landlords if we don’t provide quality tenants? This is where we excel! We know that choosing the right tenant the first time is critical to the leasing process.


Not only will your property be assigned it’s very own professional property manager, but rest assure that our entire team is working behind the scenes to protect your home. We hate to brag, but we’ve trained our team well. Every vendor, staff personnel or property manager that goes to your home becomes our eyes and ears. We even try to anticipate things before they happen by sending reminders to your tenant and preventative maintenance suggestions to our landlords throughout the year.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”  – Ken Blanchard

Quick Turns &
Expert Maintenance

Running 80% of our maintenance in-house, allows our Home Maintenance Division To Offer Great Pricing and Have Quality Control


  • Quick Turns
  • Property Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Professional Cleanings
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Construction Services & More!

Ready to start with CenterBeam Real Estate? We can help!