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A convenient way to handle maintenance. Helping to ensure tenant and homeowner happiness through time saving portals and follow up procedures.

CenterBeam Real Estate gives you the best maintenance support possible. If you have a plumbing issue, air conditioning, heating, electrical issue, we are here for you! Please log into our portal. If you do not have a login, please select registration request.

Attention: Unless you are experiencing a bona-fide property emergency such as fire or flood, please use this form to submit all repair requests. Please be very specific in describing your problem(s) so we can dispatch the proper maintenance personnel or appropriately licensed vendor. If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911, then our office number at 904-701-3276.

Once submitted, this form is sent directly to our maintenance department and/or property managers. Please remember while our website operates 24 hours per day, seven days weekly – our staff does not. If you are reporting on a bank holiday, Friday after 1PM, Saturday or Sunday – please expect a return call early the next business week. Or feel free to contact our Maintenance manager directly at

NOTE: If your rental unit is damaging itself, please take the necessary steps to stop further damage until our qualified repair personnel can arrive on-site.

Example #1: The A/C is dripping overflow condensed water from the attic onto and through your sheetrock ceiling — TURN OFF THE A/C at the thermostat and/or breaker to prevent further damage.

Example #2: The place where your toilet is bolted to your bathroom floor is leaking water all over your bathroom floor — TURN OFF THE TOILET WATER SUPPLY VALVE to prevent further flooding.


Call our office at 904-701-3276
Complete a maintenance request online (see link below)
Email your property manager


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Have you checked your electrical breaker box? There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs resetting. And don’t forget to check your GFI outlet. If it’s been tripped, the “reset” button will have to be pushed. This usually solves 90% of the issues.

If all is well with nothing plugged in, it is likely an appliance is faulty. Once you have unplugged all of your appliances and reset the safety switch, start plugging in your appliances one by one. For example: plug in your refrigerator & check that the breaker has not clicked off. If the breaker does click off you know that there is a fault with the fridge and you need to get it repaired. Otherwise disconnect the fridge and plug in the stereo and continue the same process checking all of your appliances until the faulty appliance is located. If the electrician attends to the job and finds the fault is with one of your appliances, you will be charged their call out fee.

There may be a fault in the street. Call JEA (or your electric provider if another) if there lights are out on the street as well.


Is the hot water system gas or electric? Have you arranged connection of your gas or electricity without he proper utility company? Have you paid your bill in a timely manner?


Have you checked your fuse box? If there has been an overload the safety switch may need resetting. Refer back to “No Electricity” above to check each appliances.

Have you replaced the light bulbs?


Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not loose or dirty? Sometimes pulling the element out and cleaning them and putting back in again can fix the problem. Please remember to switch off the power to the stove prior to touching the elements.


Have you changed the washers? Try this first before calling in a maintenance request. You might need to unscrew the washer from the bottom of the faucet (where the water comes out) clean it (using an old toothbrush works wonders) and then replacing it. If you are still having a problem

Atlantic Beach and Mayport JEA – (904) 665-6000
Jacksonville JEA – (904) 665-6000
Jax Beach, Neptune Beach (also Ponte Vedra/Palm Valley) City of Jax Beach – (904) 247-6241
Fax: (904) 247-6115
St. Johns County Florida Power & Light – (800) 226-3545
Clay Electric (904) 272-2456/Fax: (904) 213-2497
Water and Sewer
Atlantic Beach and Mayport City of Atlantic Beach – (904) 247-5835
Jax Beach City of Jax Beach – (904) 247-6241
Jacksonville JEA – (904) 665-6000
Neptune Beach City of Neptune Beach – (904) 270-2400
Sawgrass St. Johns Service – (904) 285-6112/Fax: (904) 285-9840
Clay County Clay County Services – (904) 272-5999
St. Augustine North Beach Utilities – (904) 824-1806

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