Good Jeff vs. Bad Jeff: A Lesson in Finding the Best Tenant in Jacksonville

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What kind of renter are you looking for?

Tenant screening is an important part of the management process, and we are here to ensure only the best tenant gets qualified for your property. Let’s take a look at two potential tenants: Bad Jeff and Good Jeff.

Things You Might Hear from Bad Jeff

  • I saw your ad on Back Page in the rental section.
  • It’s nice, I’ve cased places like this before.
  • I don’t really fill out applications.
  • What’s the deal with a lease? I don’t do anything formal. That’s why I don’t want to go through a property management company.
  • How many times will you come to the property? I need my privacy. And I don’t want you here when I’m not here because I have this half wolf/half dog half/honey badger mutt who will rip your face off if I’m not here to stop him. But it’s not a pet. It’s a service animal. I have the online certificate and everything.
  • Are the neighbors cool? Because I like to have parties at night.
  • Don’t worry; you won’t find me when I break the lease.
  • These walls are nice, but maybe I’ll put in some camo paint.

Things You Might Hear from Good Jeff

  • It’s nice to meet you.
  • I saw the ad on MLS when I was searching about two weeks ago.
  • I’m looking to move in the next three to four weeks. I need to give my current landlord 30 days’ notice.
  • I have one small terrier, and she has all her shots and is house-trained.
  • I’ve been at my job for over three years.
  • I’ve been renting my current property for about two years.
  • My credit is excellent.

Tenants like Bad Jeff prefer to rent from independent owners.

Avoid getting a Bad Jeff. When you’re looking for the best tenant, and you have questions about Jacksonville property management, contact us at CenterBeam Real Estate.

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