If I Like One Of The Properties I Have Seen, What Is The Next Step? How Do I Apply For A Property?


Great! We were hoping you would ask. Step One is to please make sure you have seen the property you are interested in. We do not lease properties which have not been viewed by the prospective tenant unless there are special circumstances involved. Step Two is to fill out an application and give your leasing agent the binder in the form of a cashier’s check or money order (no cash accepted please). Our Applications are done at www.rentalpartners.com or you can fill one out in our office. Just let your leasing agent know. Step Three is to see if you were approved (our agent can usually tell you within 24 hours). Then it’s document time. Your personal leasing agent will provide you a list/form with everything that he/she will need prior to the completion of your application. Step Four is that we will be checking your Credit and Criminal Reports and verifying your income and rental references. Our Credit and Criminal Report checking service is very fast. The delay in processing an application nearly always comes from delays in your employer or income source verifying income and of previous landlords/property managers verifying your rental reference. Due to these delays, it can often take up to 3 business days to approve or deny a Rental Application.

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